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TPC Pneumatic

TPC Pneumatics, made in Korea
Product Range:
- Air Cylinder
- Directional Control Valve, consist of
* Solenoid Valve: 2/2 way, 3/2 way, 5/2 way
* Pneumatic/Pilot Valve: 3/2 way and 5/2 way
* Mechanical Valve: 3/2 way and 5/2 way
- Air Service Unit: (Air Filter, Regulator, Lubricator)
- Pneumatic Fittings
- Pneumatic hose (Polyurethane Tube)
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    • Round Air Cylinder

      Round Air Cylinder

      Standard Cylinder, round Type. with stainless steel body
      Price depend on the bore size and stroke. please contact for inquiry.

    • 2 Port Solenoid....

      2 Port Solenoid Valve

      2 Port Solenoid Valve for air, water or oil. it has several tipe and size, depend on the voltage of the coil and the port size. The body made from brass.

      PriceBergantung Tipe dan Ukuran

    • Air Pilot Valve

      Air Pilot Valve

      Air Pilot Valve, for pneumatic with several tipe and size.

      PriceTergantung Ukuran dan tipe, silahkan kontak.

    • Rotary Hand Valve....

      Rotary Hand Valve for Pneumatic

      Mechanical Hand Valve for pneumatics. It has various type and size

      PriceHarga tergantung tipe dan ukuran

    • Pneumatic Tubing

      Pneumatic Tubing

      Pneumatic Tubing with max pressure 1 Mpa ( ~ 9.9 kgf/ cm2) .
      It has various size

      PriceHarga bergantung pada ukuran

    • TPC Pneumatics

      TPC Pneumatics

      TPC Pneumatic, Made in Korea, The product range include air cylinder, solenoid / pilot valve, mechanical valve, pneumatic tubing, fittings and accesories.

      Please contact us for....

    • TPC 5 Port Solenoid....

      TPC 5 Port Solenoid Valve Pneumatic

      5 Port Solenoid Valve for pneumatics with various voltage 24 DC, 110 AC, and 220 AC
      port size range from1/ 8 " - 1/ 2 "
      Solenoid have grommet type ( cable) and Din Connector ( ....

      PriceBergantung Tipe dan Ukuran

    • Floating Joint for....

      Floating Joint for Pneumatic Cylinder

      Floating Joint for Pneumatic Cylinder, installed at cylinder rod end

      PriceBergantung Tipe dan ukuran

    • Reed Switch W3

      Reed Switch W3

      Reed Switch for Air Cylinder, consist of two wire. Applicable TPC cylinderL: AM, AL


    • Reed Switch W4

      Reed Switch W4

      Reed Switch for Air Cylinder, consist of two wire. Applicable TPC Cylinder: ADQ, ACP


    • Reed Switch W13

      Reed Switch W13

      Reed Switch for Air Cylinder, consist of two wire


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